Monday, March 30, 2015

New Cards

Easter is such a turning point in the year coming in on the beginning of a new season.  More sun, more flowers.  It is inspiring.  I like cocooning in the winter but it's time to shake it off.  Creating cards is still something new for me and I'm really enjoying the process.  Since I'm creating for a small market at the moment, I like to include references to the town that I live in making the cards a little more special than what the mass market produces.  Maybe some day I'll "break out" into a bigger market.

It's no secret....

that chickadees are my "go to" subject to design around.  My second project for Lilla Rogers MATS
Bootcamp for February was to design something in the round beginning with research into plate designs.  I chose to do this using collage.  A medium I've been using lately simply because I love painting paper.  Coming up with new textures to tear up and use for collage is so much fun and full of surprises.  Speaking of which, I love the surprise element of this course.  It starts with a topic to research and sketch/paint and then the actual project to be completed using your inspiration.  It takes you places you wouldn't have on your own.

This plate became part of a fund raiser for our local bird rehabilitation centre (Le Nichoir).