Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Welcome!...It occurred to me that as I indulged in learning new skills at the beginning of every year before I settle in to my painting studio, that I miss blogging about my discoveries and thoughts...not to mention feeling guilty that I started something and have not been faithful to it (I'm talking about blogging here).  So of course, the obvious was to create another blog where I could journal and photo document my journey.  I prefer to keep separate studios for painting, jewellery (metalsmithing) and mixed media work (at least online).  My virtual studios collide and overlap in a joyous cacophony of color, texture and materials.  So here is my first entry this late February day.  It may be a little disjointed and all over the place but it's a good day to begin.....

P.S.  The little sketch above is a first draft of a toile like design that I wanted to do of a local landmark.   It needs a lot more before I can consider it finished.